from by Usurper



Cant find peace
There is no release

A world in decay
leaves me to rot away
you think ive gone astray
because i cant believe
there is a eternity for me
if only you could see through my eyes
the human mind was meant to die

Ill find solace in only the grave
Im fucking empty and thats never going to change
but for now im living to spite the mess you've made
you're the cause of so much hardship sorrow and shame
my composure breaks, youre human waste
disguise the form that your suffering takes
you cross the line and my pitty turns to hate
you're going to find you're cause way to fucking late.

Every move i make you judge.
but all that comes from your mouth is sludge
try to force me to agree
thats your idea of being free
now this is the path i choose
i wont let my mind decompose
ill just let my hatred grow


from Human Waste, released March 9, 2014
Guest vocals by jamie Hofer



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